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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye, Jennifer Jones

Screen star Jennifer Jones died today at age 90.

She is preceded in death by her daughter Mary Jennifer Selznick, who jumped off a 20-story building at age 22. Jones also buried her husband, David O. Selznick, and another husband, millionaire industrialist Norton Simon, of the museum. Her son Michael, with first husband Robert Walker, died in 2007 at age 66. Actor Robert Walker, Jr., survives.

On November 9, 1967, Jones was found on the beach in Malibu following a suicide attempt by overdose of sleeping pills... she recovered and lived another 42 years.

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Psoriatic said...

Jennifer Jones was truly a great actress. One of the movies I re-watch every once in a while is "Portrait of Jenny." She gave a terrific performance in it, along with the rest of the cast. It's one of the few sentimental movies I can stand to watch.


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