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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Remembering Carl Laemmle, Sr.

Carl Laemmle, Sr. (lem-lee) as seen on his return from Europe in 1933. Laemmle, affectionately known as Uncle Carl, was one of the founders of Universal Studios, where he had a hand in producing over 400 films.

He emigrated to the US at age 17 in 1884, from the Jewish community of Laupheim, Germany. He later made arrangements for hundreds from there to come to the US to escape the Holocaust.

In 1914, Carl bought Taylor Ranch in Lankershim Township on the north side of the Hollywood Hills -- paying just $165,000 to house his growing studio. Among his hires -- his nephew, director William Wyler.

Laemmle's son, Carl Jr., oversaw the production of Universals great monster movies of the 1930s, and the landmark 1936 production of "Show Boat."

Laemmle Sr. died Sept. 24, 1939 in Beverly Hills.

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Bestcelebrity said...

Hang in there my friend and thanks for the encouragement and video!! Blessings for a more peaceful week!


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