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Friday, August 14, 2009

Age and Beauty

If you're wondering how Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who died this week at 88, would have looked had she undergone plastic surgery... wonder no more.

Here's Joan Van Ark, 66, at last night's premiere of "Gotta Dance."


John said...

"Chexy," whoever you are in real life, you are mean and small and petty in your "Age and Beauty" post on your blog. Joan had some minor plastic surgery about 15 years ago (along with other lead actors, including men, on "Knots Landing" at the time. Since then, NOTHING. What motivates you to make up this stuff and post bad photos to humiliate another person publicly? As her husband of 43 years, I'm getting a little tired of people like you. I wonder what you will look like when you are 66. I hereby request you take down the post and prove you are not as sick as you appear to be.

John Marshall
Los Angeles

John said...

One additional thought, Chexy. May I suggest your readers take a look at Joan's web site. The photo on the home page was shot about a year ago. It is not retouched. I want your readers to know that in real life, Joan is doing well and looking as beautiful as ever.

John Marshall

John said...

Sorry, Chexy, I failed to mention the URL or web address:


Chexy said...

Your Chexy contacted John Marshall. He claimed to know nothing of these posts.

Mankind Against Ridiculous Plastic Surgery and the People Who Pretend Not To Have Had It said...

Joan herself prolly left those coo-coo for cocoapuffs posts using her husband's name. I'm sure she spends most of her day googling herself.


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