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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chexclusive: Michael Jackson Visited Cosmetic Surgeon on Monday

Sources tell your Chexy that Michael Jackson and his bodyguards were seen at the medical offices of Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Arnold Klein (below) on Monday morning, June 22 around 9:30 AM -- it is unknown what type of treatment Jackson received at that time.

Klein was memorably sued by Beverly Hills housewife Irena Medavoy who claimed that Botox injections from Klein caused her numerous health problems. A jury cleared him.

In the '90s, Klein's nurse was one Debbie Rowe, who later birthed two of the children Michael Jackson raised.

Around the corner from Klein's office is Mickey Fine Pharmacy, which sued Jackson
in 2007 for being $100,000 behind in his pill bills dating to 2005. Jackson later settled the account. Yes, that's right: One hundred thousand dollars to a pharmacy -- in two years.

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