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Monday, June 22, 2009

Amy and the Father's Day Presents

My imaginary daughter Amy, 6, knows I love dark chocolate. She remembered me on Father's Day with a lovely thing she baked... called "Chocolate Surprise."

It was a little dry.

"Carolyn said it's just like you, Ricky, crumbling and bitter." It seems another trip to family court is in order.

Carolyn also insisted that Amy bake something for Fahd for Father's Day, caus
ing Amy to declare, "It's FATHER's Day, not FAHDER's day." I can't imagine where she got to punning like that.

Amy used Comet to creat
e a green "sugar coating" for Fahd's cupcake. "It was just decorative," insisted Amy, "I didn't think he was really gonna eat it... in one bite."

As you can see by Carolyn's expression, she was not too happy about the ensuing ordeal at Cedars, but Amy said, "Mom felt better after she had some margaritas and South Beach Cookies and some Vicodamns."

Amy also gave me this adorable picture of her (wearing my underwear) from when she was 3, which she decorated all by herself on my computer.

Yes, I know she's big for 3.

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justlovely said...

Where can I get some of them Vicodamns?


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