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Monday, March 30, 2009

Amy and the Day with Uncles Brian and Charlie

imaginary daughter Amy, 6, spent the day with her favorite uncles, Brian and Charlie, who, very concerned about Amy's adventures with Carolyn and Fahd's family going to -- as Brian called them -- "unseemly places like Applebee's," asked to take Amy for the day. They were having a little gathering and Charlie decided he would teach Amy how to make his famous pasta sauce and let her help by adding the items to the blender.

Charlie told Amy she was "the second best helper ever," and to "go help Uncle Brian now." Last week, Brian was quite upset about Amy's experience with Applebee's Nachos, so he decided to make her some fancy nachos from a recipe in The Advocate. He let Amy carry them from the warming oven.

It was at this point that Charlie insisted that Brian find Amy something else to do, and when Brian asked what, Charlie said, "Why don't you give her a margarita and dress her up like Carmen Miranda and have her sing -- just not in the kitchen, okay, dear?" Which he did. Yes, I know, she's big for six.

Brian and Charlie sent Amy back to Carolyn's in her Carmen Miranda outfit. As you can see by her expression, Carolyn was not amused.

Amy told me that Brian and Charlie served their guests slices of Trader Joe's pizza instead of "Fabuloso Nachos." Charlie told me that Amy was almost as good a helper as Brian. Carolyn told me it took her over an hour to remove Amy's makeup and eyelashes.

Amy said she "had the bestest time ever," and that "their friends are soooooo nice!"

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1 comment:

justlovely said...

This is toooooo funny. Hope Uncle Charlie has a Swiffer WetJet.


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