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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Grand Old Party’s Over

From Chexydecimal London Bureau Chief Andy

If the past eight years haven’t demonstrated how completely off the rails the Republican party is, the behavior of the Republican establishment since the inauguration of Barack Obama has proven that this is a collection of politicians more interested in preserving whatever tenuous connections to power they still hold, rather working in the interest of the American people.

Obama immediately eschewed Bush era secrecy for a new transparency, admitting his mistakes immediately in order to move past them -- instead of digging his heels in as his predecessor did every time he made a move that was universally regarded as boneheaded. Obama did his utmost to foster harmony and unity in order to restore politics to something that elevates, rather than tears down.

Understanding that the country was in such deep trouble that partisanship needed to end, the new President reached across the aisle to put the bitter division that has characterized American governance for a generation behind us -- in favor of trying to dig us out of this mess.

How has this been received by the “loyal opposition?” Sen. John McCain, a decorated war hero who ran a completely disgraceful (and losing) campaign -- after which he was graciously courted and consulted by the victor -- has accused the new President of low ethics after some of his political appointments had embarrassing tax problems.

After Obama courted Republican leadership in the House for support of his financial stimulus bill to make sure that their concerns were met, that same leadership engineered a complete shutout when it came time for the vote. Are we really meant to believe that not one Republican member of the House would have voted for it? Hardly. This was an intentional snub. A message that Obama's dream of bipartisanship was just that… a dream.

If there is any doubt about where the GOP is coming from, along comes their newly installed Chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele, whose first public pronouncement to the President was “How ya like me now?” Hang on, America. It's going to require a complete slide into irrelevance for the Republithugs to stop fighting the tide of change and start working to save the country and the world from the devastation their failed policies have wrought.


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