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Monday, August 18, 2008

CNN "Reports" on Ellen Marriage

This is the slug from CNN's International edition page.

CNN is a Time Warner holding. "Ellen" is co-produced by Time Warner.

It seems there's a writer there who doesn't recognize California laws. After I complained, the slug changed about an hour later. But they still haven't gotten Portia's name right.

Source: Andy, Chexydecimal London Bureau


Evan said...


Is it just me, or does "reportedly" still sound like the writer is annoyed?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm glad you caught it and told them. Maybe they'll think about what they're doing.

Donald said...

Just checked. No longer listed on any front page. US, Int'l, US News, Entertainment. Apparently "Fonz" getting 2 bronze thumbs is more important.

Ted said...

what's with the quotes around "marries"? According to California law its a marriage.

Anonymous said...

I agree with evan. "Reportedly" doesn't sound much better. Sounds like something out of the National Enquirer. "UFOs reportedly seen in the sky" or "Chinese gymnasts are reportedly 16 years old." They got married. It's beautiful. Wish them happiness and move on.

topstorylive said...

"Reportedly" is what some people would call a weasel word. CNN couldn't get Ellen or her people to confirm "yes, Portia and I got married at such-and-such a place and here's the marriage certificate" but they'd heard plenty of third-hand reports about it, so they reported the story anyway.


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