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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Archuleta Idol

There's no question that the big-headed little boy from Utah should be the next American Idol, but will he be? Idol producers can manipulate results to suit them, and if they feel that scratchy David Cook and his overworked hair will be more manageable, they'll make him the Idol. The judges practically bounced Syesha during last night's show with their slashing comments.

David Cook has a future singing in Ford truck commercials, and Syesha will no doubt find her way to Broadway and an extended fifteen minutes in Las Vegas lounges and road productions of Dreamgirls, but Archuleta's got the pipes and wide appeal to be Idol. Plus, he's got that non-threatening gay face that tweener girls love.

I despise scratchy rocker "singing," so Cook has always been annoying for me, and that spiky neo-combover doesn't help. Syesha is simply a decent imitative singer with amiable hips. But Archuleta hits every single note and is so easy to listen to that I fell asleep during his last song.

Okay, enough pop culture distraction, I have to get back to worrying about world famine. How about that rice shortage?

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