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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Mormon Removed

"Idol" weeper Brooke White, a member of those funny underpants wearin' LDS folks, was forcibly removed from the show last night, after voters decided that her scratchy Carly Simon restarts were getting tiresome. Have you seen those funny underpants devout Mormons wear? Take a look!

Seriously, they're kinda hot. And speaking of Mormons, it looks like the boys at that LDS farm in Texas were abused too -- with many showing broken bones and other abuses that must have caused a shortage of "Bad Touching" dolls in the Lone Star state.

Now there's just four Idols left, including blushing teen Mormon, David Archuleta. How's this going to play out? I think Cook will be left with Archuleta in the final two, and the teen girls will put Archuleta over the top. Or will Cook win, and Archuleta becomes the star runner-up, while Cook's career fizzles and he ends up cutting ribbons at Shakey's in Florida? Seriously, do ya love those pants?!

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