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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cher and Cher Alike

Since her 1964 debut, Cher has sold over 200 million records as a solo artist and another 75 million as half of Sonny and Cher. She'll be 62 in May. Her daughter Chastity is 39.

Now Oprah's getting in on the act. It's amazing how Oprah Winfrey can jump back and forth from frothy, primetime humanitarianism to sheer high camp frivolity. Oprah hooks up with the tongue-wiggling wonder on her May 8th show -- so mark your calendars now.

Oh, and while your calendar is out -- over 700 people are expected at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the Cher Convention on Aug. 11th and 12th, including dozens of Cher lookalikes (including all the Chers seen above). It’s a Cherapalooza! The Cher on the right is the nearly inimitable real one, but you knew that.

The convention is also a fundraiser for the Childrens Craniofacial Association -- and Cher is the national spokesperson, something she's worked on since "Mask."

Cher is the organization's most generous supporter.

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